Crypto. Exchange platforms

4 criteria to choose well

an exchange platform

and limit the risks!

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are hardly or poorly regulated .
The risks are therefore very important, it is essential to choose
the most reputable and if possible those approved in your country.

“Not your private keys, not your bitcoins!”.


The seriousness of the platform.

  • The number of crypto-currencies offered?

  • How old is the website?

  • The testimonials on the website?

  • The number of active customers?


The Legal Structure .

  • Is the company located in your country?

  • Is the address of the company real?

  • Can you contact the company?

  • Can you visit the company offices ?


Use of the Platform.

  • Is customer service available and responsive?

  • Is the transparency total or verified (Nomics)?

  • The volume of operations, transactions and liquidity are important?


Platform compliance.

  • Is the activity regulated / registered in your country (PSAN, VISA , ...)?

  • Terms of Sales are available?

  • Has a warning from the Authorities been published in your country or other countries

⭐️ Binance

Binance is one of the best exchange platforms with one of the highest liquidity on the market and loan of 300 cryptocurrencies available!

My rating: 15/20

Criterion 1.

  • 3/4

Criterion 2.

  • 3/4

Criterion 3.

  • 3/3

Criterion 4.

  • 2/3


CoinBase has also become one of the references to buy different Cryptocurrencies, with the possibility of earning + $ 100 in Crypto. simply by educating yourself and testing them!

My rating: 14/20

Criterion 1.

  • 2/4

Criterion 2.

  • 3/4

Criterion 3.

  • 3/3

Criterion 4.

  • 2/3

Binance exchange

🎁 Bonus: get $ 10 welcome
on your first deposit of $ 100!

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As digital asset markets are decentralized and unregulated,

all products and services offered by these websites are not governed

by no specific European regulatory framework.

These websites represent a high level of risk and are not suitable for many investors.

All products and services offered by these websites present a high risk of loss of capital.

You don't have to invest money that you can't afford to lose .

Past performance is not an indication of future performance.

TO KNOW : all companies practicing in France
"the purchase and sale of digital assets against legal tender or against other digital assets",
"custody on behalf of third parties of digital assets", etc. ( more details here )
must be registered with the AMF as a Service Provider of Digital Assets ( PSAN ).


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