Cryptocurrencies on Succeeding on the Stock Exchange

Trading a cryptocurrency (or virtual currency) consists of buying or selling a cryptocurrency
from a CFD trading account (authorized broker / broker)
or a secure exchange platform.

WHY Trade Cryptocurrencies?

  • To trade in a market available 24/7.

  • To be able to speculate on the price without owning the crypto.

  • To diversify your portfolio.

  • To take advantage of "volatility" with its advantages and disadvantages.

Bitcoin (BTC)
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This page is not an invitation to buy or sell any financial product or service.

You should be aware that any trading activity involves risks

and you must know how to manage your capital before taking a position.

The fact that anyone gives an opinion on a value,

without simultaneously indicating the position previously taken by it

on this same value and take advantage of this situation,

is likely to constitute a failure to disseminate false information,

in accordance with the provisions of article 632-1 paragraph 2

of the general regulations of the AMF (French autority).

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